Cultural Vistas is committed to enhancing careers and supporting tomorrow's global leaders. Our scholarship funds play a vital role in developing diverse and globally competent young American professionals and future leaders.

The Cultural Vistas Scholarship Fund is an important source of financial aid for young Americans participating in unpaid internships abroad.

The scholarship stipends help offset the costs of living abroad and often fund international travel, rent, or language courses that would otherwise not be possible.

Through our internship abroad programs, supported by the Cultural Vistas Scholarship Fund, we are meeting a growing demand for individuals who possess the skills necessary for success in a globally-oriented society. 

Since 2011, our nonprofit has provided 216 individuals with nearly $238,542 in scholarship support. Moreover, since 2000, more than 375 cash scholarships have been awarded to Americans seeking to advance their careers overseas, while more than 60 individuals have received free language courses. 

Applications for the Cultural Vistas Scholarship Fund are emailed to eligible participants once they have confirmed participation in their internship program.