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Application Checklist

We encourage you to submit the majority of your application materials online. However, should you encounter any difficulties in uploading your application materials, please feel free to mail them to the address indicated below, or as an email attachment to The complete application must be submitted by 12:00 am (Eastern Time Zone) on the day of the application deadline (five months before your intended start date), including any letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc. mailed separately.


Application materials to be submitted:

  1. Online Application

    Please click the link above to request a password to the online application. Requesting a password does not mean that you have completed the online application process. After you have requested an application you will receive a username and password to access, complete, and submit an application. You may preview and edit your application at any time until you have clicked on the “Submit” button. To preview your application, click “Print Version.” When editing your application, please be sure to click “Save” before exiting to ensure that all data is saved. We encourage you to print a copy of your completed application before submitting it. Please note that once an application has been submitted it is considered final.

  2. Professional Photo (example)

    Your photo should be the same size and format as a passport photo, taken from the shoulder up in front of a monochromatic background. You should wear business attire. The picture can be taken with a digital camera but should be good quality.

  3. College Transcripts

  4. Resume in English

  5. Letter of recommendation from a current or former employer.

    Recommenders can email letters or PDFs directly to us at or they can mail hard copies of the documents to our New York office.

  6. Recommendation form to be completed by a German professor or instructor

    Recommenders can email the PDFs directly to us at or they can mail a hard copies of the document to our New York office. Please use only this form.

  7. Copy of the picture page of your passport (example)

  8. Verpflichtungserklärung (Formal Obligation) (example)

    This document verifies support by a third party, typically a parent or guardian. The form is a necessary step for acquiring your work authorization and must be submitted even if you support yourself financially. Please use only the form linked to on this website.

  9. Certificate of Enrollment

    This document must be signed and stamped by the registrar at your university. We are unable to accept forms printed on university letterhead. Please use only the form linked to on this website.

  10. Language test

    You will need Adobe Reader to submit the language test as part of your online application. Please type your answers directly into the language test and save it as a PDF file before uploading it in the Document section of the online application. If you experience problems filling out the test electronically, please complete it by hand, scan, and email it to

  11. Lebenslauf (example)

    This is the German equivalent of a resume. Please see our example for more details. Your German resume should reflect the same skills and experience as your English resume.

  12. Application Essay

    Your application essay should be one full page in English (1.5 spacing, 12pt font). In three paragraphs, please describe: 

    • The reason you would like to intern in Germany
    • The field in which you would prefer to intern
    • The type of work you would like to do
    • The skills and experience you have to offer a host company as an intern
  13. $75 Application Fee

    You can mail a check to our New York office made out to “Cultural Vistas.” Once you have submitted the online application, we can send you an invoice if you prefer to pay online with a credit or debit card. Please email to request an invoice.

    Please note: The Cultural Vistas application fee of $75 is due at the time of application; the program fee of $800 will be due upon acceptance to the program. Applications will not be processed until the application fee has been paid.

  14. Letter from your college or university if your internship is mandatory

    If you are completing a mandatory internship as part of your degree please provide a letter stating that the internship is mandatory.

All hard copies of materials can be mailed to:

Cultural Vistas
Attn: Internships Abroad
440 Park Avenue S, Second Floor
New York, NY 10016

We encourage you to submit as much of your application online as possible.

If you have questions, please email us at