Program Details

This page contains detailed information on the Korea WEST program concerning important topics, such as the placement process, English Study locations, and compensation.


Eligibility Requirements

Korea WEST candidates must pass a rigorous application and screening process conducted by MOE (the Korean Ministry of Education). After receiving MOE's nomination, candidates then apply for Cultural Vistas' sponsorship. After conducting an English-language phone interview with all nominated candidates, Cultural Vistas submits the list of accepted candidates to MOE for final approval.


English Study Locations

Korea WEST participant are placed in intensive language training programs in one of four major U.S. cities

  • 18-month program (including four months of language training in New York City, San Diego, Washington, D.C., or Seattle)
  • 12-month program (including three months of language training in New York City, San Diego, Washington, D.C., or Seattle)
  • 6-month program (including two months of language training in New York City or Washington, D.C.)

Each training program features a comprehensive curriculum focused not only on building English language proficiency, but also with assisting participants to develop the confidence and interpersonal and professional skills necessary to succeed in any business environment.


Career-Focused Internship Placements

Drawing on a vast network of partners across the United States, Cultural Vistas seeks to place WEST participants in customized internships that match their professional goals.



For 12 and 18-month programs, internships are typically 6-12 months. For compact 6-month programs, internships are 3-4 months. The length of internship positions varies based on host company requirements.



Upon being accepted by the Korea WEST program, Cultural Vistas staff will begin identifying internship opportunities that meet your professional goals. Cultural Vistas staff will arrange and coordinate interviews with host employers and assist with interview preparation. Once an employer has selected you, Cultural Vistas will present you with an official offer, which must be accepted in writing to validate your internship under the requirements of the J-1 Visa.



Internship placements with host companies can be located across the United States. Cultural Vistas cannot guarantee placement in a specific location.



Internships may be paid or unpaid; this varies by opportunity. Participants who accept unpaid internships may be eligible for a Korean government stipend for a period of up to 32 weeks.


Travel in the United States

Upon successful completion of their professional internship, Korea WEST participants will have 30 days to travel independently throughout the United States.