Train USA J-1 U.S. Internship and Training Programs

Looking to advance your career through an internship or training opportunity in the United States?  Want to train your staff in the U.S. market or hope to expand your business presence overseas?

The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program provides countless ways to establish innovative partnerships and meaningful educational and professional programs for individuals around the world. Annually, over 900 U.S. businesses, companies, and NGOs, and more than 4,500 individuals from over 100 countries, turn to Cultural Vistas as their trusted solution for J-1 Visa sponsorship for internship and training programs.

What we offer:

As a J-1 Exchange Visitor Program sponsor, Cultural Vistas is responsible for administering exchange programs in compliance with the U.S. Department of State's public diplomacy goals and visa requirements. Once individuals secure an internship or training opportunity or hosts identify individuals they wish to bring to the United States, our staff provides assistance and services to both parties, including:

  • Flexibility to sponsor programs from most countries in most fields at any time of year
  • Arrival and acculturation assistance, including comprehensive orientation materials
  • Issuance of the “Certificate of Eligibility for J-1 Visa” (Form DS-2019) to successful applicants
  • Options for expedited service guaranteeing completed applications are evaluated in five business days
  • Training plan and application assistance
  • Host organization and applicant vetting
  • Comprehensive health and medical insurance
  • 24-hour emergency support for participants and host organizations
  • Program monitoring through a dedicated client relations team and regular evaluation
  • Cultural and educational activities and networking events in select cities
  • Access to free tax software for participants

Ready to take the next step?

  1. Confirm you are eligible
  2. Familiarize yourself with the application process and fees
  3. Have more questions? Find answers to some of our frequently asked questions
  4. Submit an online application request:

For individual applicants, you must first secure an internship or training opportunity with a U.S. host organization. Here are some tips for finding an internship in the United States

Join us for a live webinar about the process of obtaining a J-1 Visa to intern in the United States on June 15. 


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